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Web Design & Development

A website is a true mirror that reflects the true brand value of any business enterprise, regardless of its capital size or a number of shareholders. In this modern world, a website embraces the key factor for the success of any online business by portraying its brand image and persuading new clienteles from targeted audience group. Being in a third world developing country, the essence of web development for small business, corporate website design and affordable business websites is at high pasture.

If you’re looking for small business web development service, make sure your website has the potential to hold visitors and allure them to conduct definite proceedings. At Beyond Tech we develop and design websites after getting surmised of your business goal, which enables us to let you experience the rise of your business with a majestic website and implement long queued work plans to achieve prosperity.

Business Website Design with Pure Sophistication

Being a top notch corporate website design firm in Bangladesh, Beyond Tech forever tends to serve you with web development for small business and premium web design service. Besides, we’ve equipped compelling reputation towards ecommerce website design, since there is a state-of-the-art design team for this purpose from the very inception of Beyond Tech.

Our utterly skilled and experienced design team has already developed a sphere for themselves with the best industry experts to cater finest small business website design in the business. As one of the most prominent web development firms in Dhaka, we have records of completing hundreds of successful website design and development projects for corporate and business organizations, which proffer a diligent reflection of our mettle. Under our web development for small business courtesy, we offer other relevant services like graphic/logo design, multimedia presentation, newsletter design, etc.

Android Apps Development

Android Apps Development through Supreme Adroitness

At present Android engrosses the majority of smart phone users across the whole world. Apparently, 70% of mobile users of the world are using Android as their primary operating system on their smart phone. That is why Android apps development holds a very crucial business element in current days. In a separate note, custom Android application development can open a new feasible dimension for the prosperity of your business, since over 800 million people use android apps in a day to day life.

So, do you want to miss the prospect of enticing this huge number of potential customers or start thinking about building Android apps? You should definitely go for the second option. Having an Android mobile application for specific usage is more like building brand identity for any business. To make a simple android app, contact a prominent android app development company, come up with a result oriented strategy, enlist the entire cost of android apps development by utilizing android app development tools. You can either look for individual android app developer or seek for help to Beyond Tech., as one of the best android app development companies for the sake of your business prosperity.

Building Android Apps with Top Notch Mastery

If you do care about your business growth, let Beyond Tech. facilitate you, since we use the best android development tools to make a simple Android app as well as customized android applications. Our Android apps development team is equipped with highly skilled professionals who possess vivid knowledge about android programming. Those experts have distinguished knowledge on how to develop Android apps and due to that reason, they are very capable of designing any app with flawless functionality.

A maximum number of our apps are being developed using Java programming language along with the Android SDK. You long desired Android app is thoroughly monitored with android app development tools and other substantial software like external libraries, debuggers, database management system, etc. Beyond Tech.’s most prevailing Android apps development framework comprises a combination of modern technologies like C, C++, 2D and 3D graphical application programming interface (API), and game engine support.

A Precise Introduction to iOS Development

Although Android has the most number of users among smart phone enthusiast, iOS is considered as the more superior one. Because craze for iOS product is not a brand new thing. However, this platform is very admired by the application developer across the whole world. Around 773.8 million iPhones have been sold till October, 2015, which is more than enough to apprehend the ever increasing demand of iOS development all over the world.

So, if you want to make your business grow at a rapid rate, you shall not miss out the chance of reaching this huge number of consumers but look ahead to make an iOS app. Apple is up for bringing new versions of iOS and iPhones. Therefore, iOS app development has a huge opportunity in the field of business where branding is the main concern. To create an iOS app, let Beyond Tech. helps you big time with an expert resource pool of iOS app developer and sheer professionalism.

Moon Over iOS Development through Upright Exception

When you don’t want to get involved in any iOS development process, yet remain worried about the overall iOS development cost, Beyond Tech. offers the perfect resolution through developing a world class application.  Our expert team of iOS app developer uses the best available tools to create apps with user-centric design after conducting an in-depth research on the client’s business and customer’s intelligence.

On average, an iOS user spends 3 hours a day on their device. So, you have a huge opportunity to turn those users into buyers. At Beyond Tech., we have faith in our ability and in making an awesome application that fulfills our respected client’s requirements all along. We believe our team of expert iOS application development can make you happy. Because when you’re happy, your targeted customer group will be happy and our quest for satisfaction will be attained.

Get Along with Database Solutions for Small Business

Extensive database solution allows websites to offer splendid customer service. That attribute assists the visitor or customer to viscerally search the services or products which are enlisted in the database management system of the website. Data management software is all about developing and deploying Oracle database, cloud access database, integrated database and web based database application. Beyond Tech., along with its expert team on database development services has been offering supreme database solutions for small business for the last few years on a wide range of platforms to many different industries.

Small business owners or entrepreneurs need to think of installing the best database solution at a limited budget. And this is where Beyond Tech. is the best choice. We maintain an all-embracing database development process to offer ready to use database software with a little modification which enables the small business houses to get online and do business flawlessly. Our custom database software is ready to use and well developed through extensive database design and development process. Due to that, we can deliver the best database solution for small business.

Solution for business

Low-Cost Database Software with Aristocratic Features

With the evolvement of modern technology, you’re obliged to cope up with the brand new features and advancement. Specially in database solution or database development, where doing business is your main concern, you shall not compromise with the features of your database management service. Beyond Tech.’s special bundle of database solutions for small business provides well defined, customized and secured database model that has the ability to suit your business operation and let you retrieve information at ease and securely.

If you’re currently using an old version or relatively slower database model, then you need to get out and search for database options for small business. However, if you’re in need of secure, lucrative and effective database software, just scroll below and learn why Beyond Tech. is the best choice for your business.

The Best Ecommerce Solution for Business

Years go by and we, the people, look out for new opportunities, new possibilities. Specially in the business world, new is always better. And that particular motto goes perfectly with the new generation sensation, ecommerce! It’s a fact now that, if anybody wants to sustain in the online business arena, he or she must have a quality ecommerce setup, which will enforce his/her affluence rate in this digital world. If you’re one of them and searching for the best ecommerce solution provider, then Beyond Tech. is a perfect destination to make your dream come true. Frankly, to attain prosperity in ecommerce, you ought to make sure that you have got quality products, sheer maintenance, excellent payment gateway system, magnificent web appearance and proper management.

Millions of customers across the whole world through the limited budget and quality work.

Specialized Ecommerce Solutions Services

When you’re making your mind whether to start ecommerce or not, we would like to invite you to take a tour to our workspace and you’ll anticipate the enormous opportunities of this business. And the reason, we are insisting that Beyond Tech. as the ultimate choice for ecommerce solution, is the years of experience gathered by a team of industry expert ecommerce specialist offering state of art ecommerce enterprise solution in Bangladesh. Quality is all we care about, of course, in a cost effective manner. Beyond Tech. is the only brand that stays with you through your ecommerce activities.

From the very beginning of our journey, we thrive to offer quality service to our respected clientages and fortunately, our well-skilled team of experts has never let us down. When price and quality are the prime concerns, Beyond Tech. is the best place to think about.

Discern with the Leading Digital Marketing Company in Dhaka

These days everything is going digital, especially the concurrent business world. Why don’t you? Whether you own an ecommerce store or not, an online presence is a necessity to prosper with your business today. Because it’s not the most efficient medium to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers and stakeholders, not just for making an impact on sell, but building solid trustworthiness. Specially in Bangladesh, it’s pretty obvious and this is the time when you need to seek for assistance from Beyond Tech., the leading digital marketing company in Dhaka. At Beyond Tech., we thrive for originating consolidated impact from large business organization to small business houses.

This is why we’re now recommended as the colonist of providing small business marketing ideassmall business online marketing, small business social media marketing, and content marketing for small business. Being the leading digital marketing company in Dhaka, we would like to embrace that digital marketing is a lot more than a just continuous Facebook post or Google Ad Words Campaign. Building trust is the foremost delegation of digital business plan marketing strategy through honesty, consistency and clarity with an artistic approach. Beyond Tech. teems with industry best digital marketing experts who are forever in a position to equip marketing help for business owners.

Digital marketing experts who are forever in a position to equip marketing help for small business owners.

Specialization of Best Digital Marketing Agency for Business

Enough talking! Now it’s your turn to reach the market with the country best digital marketing company. It’s your duty to make sure your business speaks out exceptionally in the online business world. And to do so, let us take the responsibility. You might be musing, why Beyond Tech. is named as the best digital marketing agency for small business.

Well, the most significant reason is, at Beyond Tech., we are never afraid of providing quality service at a reasonable cost with a 360-degree approach. You have got to firm that your customers are getting updates through constant Facebook posts, blogs, RSS feeds, Tweets, LinkedIn networking and much more. Your exquisite online presence through the finest local search engine optimization company will ensure the longevity of your business. 

  • EMR/EHR Solutions
  • Asterisk Solutions
  • Debt Collection Software Solutions
  • Medical Transcription Software’s and Solutions
  • E-commerce Application
  • Time Tracking and Attendance Solutions
  • Programming using PERL, PHP and JAVA
  • Web Designing and Development
  • Payment gateway and Shipping Label Integration
  • Appointment Reminder Solutions
  • Contact Management Systems and Solutions
  • Mirth HL7 Integration Solutions
  • iPhone  and Android Software Solutions
  • Customization of Open Source applications

Our core values of commitment, quality, and customer satisfaction set us apart from the rest. Our software development professionals help you choose and beyond tech an apt solution for your business. Start using our products and services and experience the ‘spectrum’ of software applications.

Perl Development

Perl is gaining popularity with CGI scripting language. In addition to CGI, Perl is used for graphics programming, system administration, network programming, finance, Bio-informatics and other applications. Perl can handle encrypted Web data, including ecommerce transactions.

Perl is both a programming language and an application on your computer that runs that programs. With its text manipulation capabilities and rapid development cycle Perl is widely used for application development and GUI development, system administration and network programming.

Our company handles everything from Perl web development to Perl Script developmentPerl Database applications, Text mining, and GUI development among and much more. Our tailor-made services are designed to complete software development projects in the shortest time, yet deliver work of the highest quality. We have a highly qualified and vast experienced Perl web developer team, which is capable of providing custom web development services as per clients’ specific needs and requirements.

We afford all kind of custom Perl programming as per the client’s needs for their Perl web application development or Perl programming.

PERL Development Services

Spectrum Software Solutions Inc. offers the best Perl web development services to customers world-wide. Coupled with cutting-edge technology resources, our team of dedicated professionals will develop exactly what you require. Our end-line is to provide ultimate customer-satisfaction.

Some of our software development services are:

  • Web-based application development services
  • Cost-effective Perl web programming
  • Perl Script development services
  • Perl Software support and maintenance
  • GUI Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Perl Database application development services
  • Text mining with Perl
  • Perl development with modules from CPAN.org
  • Payment Gateway Integration using Perl
  • Time and Attendance Tracking System using Perl
  • HL7 integrations
  • Shopping cart and auction sites using Perl
  • Integration of Fax Solutions
  • PayPal integrations
  • UPS/USPS Shipping Label Integrations
  • Solutions for Debt collection companies
  • Solutions for Medical Transcription Companies

Android Development

Android is most flexible, user friendly, widely used and the fastest growing platforms in the market. Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It’s the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast. Every day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content.

The Android Advantage

With the android market booming constantly, your business can outperform competitors by implementing well built and attractive android application which will provide a better reach, access, and communication for customers.

If you are not sure about what app you want to build, we provide you with a premier android consulting & development services to help you to grow your business. With our collective experience and expertise in Android development, we can offer you multiple services in android platform from a simple evaluation to development of a full fledged android App.

Some of our software development services are:

  • Custom Android application
  • Android games development
  • Security and multimedia mobile solutions
  • Mobile business software creation
  • Android web based applications
  • Navigation application development
  • Communication mobile application development
  • Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi enabled apps

iOS Development

iPhones and iPads are changing the way clients interact with businesses. They tend to carry these devices through their day and prefer to use them to make their business and life hassle free. The most premium communication opportunities are extensive with Apple devices and can be considered as the best way to get connected to business clients. iOS platform is expanding immensely and currently holds a large share in the mobile industry.

The Apple Advantage

iOS platform has helped a multitude of organizations overcome their business challenges by building a top quality mobility enhancement applications. With our extensive know-how and experience of building groundbreaking iOS applications, we ensure to provide you with the best iOS solutions that employ revolutionary iPhone and iPad specific features. As an iOS solution provider, we promise an unparalleled level of service throughout the project from initial meetings to deployment in the App Store and every step in between.

Our Services

  • Custom enterprise iPad apps
  • Entertainment iOS apps
  • Educational iOS apps
  • Financial solutions on iPad
  • Productivity and Utility apps
  • Stand alone and Apps with web integration
  • GPS, mapping location services
  • Application migration and porting for Website Slider
  • Medical & Healthcare apps

Website Designing

Innovation is the creation of new world. Web designing is all about creating a great website. It is the initial foundation of any design. We at Spectrum are dedicated to provide quality, cost-effective & productive design. We process your delusion into reality.

Spectrum has dedicated professionals who deliver top notch web designing to meet the requirement of our clients. Our expert team of web designers keeps track of things put in the right place of any web page and also takes care that the web page is user friendly to any user.

  • Logo Designing
  • News Letters
  • Promotion Mails
  • Flash Presentation

Digital Marketing

Bulk SMS

What is SMS-Marketing?

 It’s hard to find a person in the 21st century is not using a mobile phone.
 Mobile phone became is an essential part of our daily life.
 Also, a mobile phone is the most common device to communicate all around the world.
 Short message service (SMS) is one of the best features all mobile phones have.
 Keeping the popularity in mind now a day business marketing development
 Experts have introduced a new era in online marketing strategy. That is Short
 Message service (SMS) marketing.

SMS Reseller/Gateway

What is SMS-Marketing?

 It’s hard to find a person in the 21st century is not using a mobile phone.
 Mobile phone became is an essential part of our daily life.
 Also, a mobile phone is the most common device to communicate all around the world.
 Short message service (SMS) is one of the best features all mobile phones have.
 Keeping the popularity in mind now a day business marketing development
 Experts have introduced a new era in online marketing strategy. That is Short

Email Campaign

E-Mail Services:

Email marketing services will save you money and give you a great return on your investment. E-mail services allow you to create marketing materials that you can send directly to your contacts. Often these materials can be enhanced with product or website links, providing great chances for transactional marketing. Plus, ads and newsletters sent through email marketing services are incredibly easy for your contacts to share with others because you can add built-in Like and Tweet buttons. These elements also help build your social media following.
Another benefit of bulk email marketing is specific reporting on how successful a campaign is. You’ll get customized reports about which marketing tools are working and what needs to be improved. You can even use a mass email service to test customer retention and loyalty by sending special discounts to repeat customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization services is much more than a humble commitment close working upon your site. Search engine users just ever go outside the second or third page of search engine rankings. The audience today has become so net practicality that more than 80% of the website visitors come from the search engines. We provide your website with the following features in our Search engine optimization services package:

Key Features of Investigation for Business Application:
 Analysis of your current website.
 Identification of keywords.
 Implementation of keywords in your website content.
 Submission of your website to major search engines.
 Rechecking the placement your website with search engine registration.
 And finally checking your website how it placed with search engines.

On – Page Search Engine Optimization:
Introduction content on the pages comprises much more than script and copy pasting. To be able to reach your audience, you need to deploy the content on the website, keep it renewed, clear, interesting. Good content, articles, blogs, all need to be such that not only render information and knowledge to the reader but also hold their interest as well as that of the search engines!!

Creative work (Graphic Design & Multimedia)

  • Logo Design
  • corporate identity
  • Calendar design
  • Box Design
  • Dairy Design
  • Gift Items

Remote Infrastructure Management

Small and Medium scale industries are often asked to pay heavy charges to Server Administrators for jobs like installing, config- uring,upgrading an application/package (Web applications, open source solutions like Asterisk, Firewalls, security applications, CMS applications) optimization, security auditing and hardening etc. Also unavailability of such administrators when required is a common scenario. For this to happen it is not necessary that the server administrator should be on the spot, an online connection to the remote server is sufficient enough for administrative jobs to be done. Spectrum’s Remote Server Maintenance services provide you the freedom to focus on your business rather than the technology. Spectrum offers a cost-effective alternative to the costly onsite Windows/Linux Server Administrators.

We at Spectrum offers a complete range of professional services to keep your servers up and running. Spectrum’s Remote Administration Services provide real time administration of your network servers, e-mail servers, web servers, FTP servers etc. running on either Windows or Linux or Unix platforms. Spectrum provides a complete remote administration VPN-based solution that allows us to fully interact with the servers in your network from our facilities as if we were on-site.

Remote Administration Services include:

  • Operating system and Internet server software installation & upgrades (includes service packs)
  •  Updating antivirus definitions
  •  Operating system performance tuning and troubleshooting
  •  Security hardening and auditing
  •  Monitoring and scheduling of backups and system event logs
  •  Security and firewall administration
  •  Quail mail Server administration (Antis am, Antivirus, Email Archiving, Image control, Content control)
  •  Web Server and FTP Server management: Apache, Tomcat and IIS
  •  Web Security services ( Anti spyware, Antivirus, URL filtering )
  •  Tracking software releases, testing and installing relevant service packs as they become available
  •  Backup Plan & implementation
  •  Supports Linux / Windows operating environments
  •  Server clustering and fail over
  •  Web Hosting control panel Solutions
  •  Hardware and Software Firewall and VPN server administration
  • Database server administration
  •  Administration service to Asterisk servers
  •  Mirth Server installation/configuration and administration
  •  Administration of EHR/EMR servers
  •  Installation/Configuration and administration of Vic dial servers
  •  Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS and IPS)
  •  Administration of P flense firewalls
  •  MRTG and PRTG
  •  Ethical hacking and much more