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Here we present you some of our products with features. We can always drop or add modules to meet your requirements. To response to your unique requirement/s we will need to hear from you.


The word POS remains for Point of Sales obviously meaning the spot where a retail transaction is completed. POS software can be utilized by any sorts of a retail shop, departmental stores or conveyance organizations for bookkeeping, buy, deals and stock automation furthermore offering administration to clients regarding the transaction and trading cash for the sold items. Most Point of sale (POS) software will likewise speak with inventory levels to continue everything in balance.


DT Point of sale (POS) is a retail POS software application that will organize your inventory, keep track of your customer history, and manage employee access and securely process transactions. Know where your business is going by following where it’s been. Track it with Cash Footprint. The point of sale solution that can be used anywhere, at any time. Our POS Software is a server-based, retail management solution exclusively. You can use our software on your desktop or use in online. Both permit retailers to bring together stock, oversee clients, process exchanges and delve profound into their store’s analytics. Both permit retailers to bind together stock, oversee clients, process exchanges and dive profound into their store’s analytics. Multi-store ability keeps stock synchronized over all areas, while versatile augmentations imply that partners can mind stock and direct deals from anyplace in the store through iPad or Android. Retailers looking to venture into e-trade can likewise exploit DT Point of sale (POS) completely incorporated Web store, which handles stock crosswise over in-store and on the web. The point of sales as usual for shop management system, a customer comes to buy and take some product, money receipt and pay some money. On the other hand shop owner purchase that product from supplier day by day and want to get a report of purchase statement day wise or month wise and year wise as per desire of shop owner .this software is ready for any type of showroom, copy shop ,restaurant and any type of shop.

Accounts & Inventory Management

Inventory management: Manage all your stock, sales, shipping accounting, and customer data from a single place. BEYOND TECH is the complete inventory management system for your business Recognize what’s in stock progressively. Track stock amounts over your channels and distribution centers from one area. Use perspectives to rapidly see what items are accessible, running low. Oversee stock over different deals channels without expanding your workload. Spare time via consequently adjusting stock accessibility over your web store, commercial center, and POS diverts in one Inventory management software solution. You can even make and distribute new postings in a snap. With a focal center point for all request action, you’ll have your finger on the beat of your business. Keep your team concentrated on satisfying requests rapidly and making clients happy. Get everybody in agreement with shared perspectives of what’s been paid, packed and shipped.

School/ Collage Management

There are some Features of School management System Software as given bellow in short list: Setup: Home ,Configurations ,Exam setting, Grade Settings, Mark Settings, Exam Name, New Exam, all Exams, Fees Setting, New Fees, All fees, Set Exam Fees, add Branch, View Branch, New Branch User: Admin, New Admin, All Admin’s 

HR & Payroll Software

What is payroll Software?

Payroll Software is innovation that expects to streamline and automate the way toward paying an organization’s workers. Payroll software can be obtained from a HR innovation merchant or included as a module inside a bigger venture asset arranging (ERP) bundle.

Feature of HR & Payroll Software:

Company information: This major module concentrates on providing there with all the necessary information that they would like to know about their organization in view information. they also can edit there information.

Setup: In setup customer can add information like district, blood group, religion, branch, designation, post, weekend, holy day etc. They can also system setting.

Employee Information: This major module concentrates on providing them, with all the necessary information that they would like to know about any single employee from their organization in employee list. They can also add employee Information in add employee

Attendance: In attendance function customer can easy way to manage the attendance of their employees. The module gives them all the functionalities required to meet there customized attendance management needs like shift schedule, shift distribute, shift delete, attendance summary, attendance process and upload data.

Leave: In leave function customer can easy to manage leave setup, calculation and transaction their employees.

Allowance: All the information related to any allowances and benefits provided to employees maintained in this module. This could include details about house rent, allowance, education allowance, allowance distribute, allowance log.

Deduction: All kind of deduction process like deduction setup, distribute and deduction log maintained in this function.

Loan: All the information related to any loan such as loan type and distribute are maintained in this module.

Salary: salary management system that helps keeps track of all their employees’ salary transactions. In this system maintained salary process, allowance sheet, deduction sheet, pay slip, bank sheet.

User Manage: In this system a user can control all of the function. To control all of function user have use panel and access control.

HR Report: HR has all the options to control human resource management solution. They can make any types of combinations to create there custom rules to meet there specific HR needs, which suit their organization. The module gives them all the functionalities such as, present, absent and leaves report. Weekend & holyday report, punch, attendance and late report. 

Salary Report: salary management system that helps keeps track of all their employees’ salary transactions. In this system maintained salary process, allowance sheet, deduction sheet, pay slip, bank sheet and loan report. Provident Fund: This module with all the necessary information in provident fund check balance, withdrawals, checks statement, PF deposit, PF loan.

Garments ERP Solution

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an enterprise solution for Trading & Manufacturing company. It will provide a complete management system like HR & Payroll Management, Accounting, production, LC Management, Merchandising Inventory, income, expense for an industrial activity. We are ensuring that this ERP will be one stop it solution for your company.